A war cry… Diary of Expression

A war cry from my heart –

I have spent the last 30 minutes in tears – breaking apart, cracking open, calling to the world – delving into emotions I never knew existed. A yearning to charge forward, for everything to fall into place, to be the change I seek in the world.

Yet, this is not about me this is about US. I’ve done all I can, I am enough but I am not alone. This is about life, about our birthright to LIVE, to LOVE and to be free to experience this life in safety, secure with each-other and be confident and beautiful within ourselves.
I desire to empower women all over this planet of ours to reconnect to love, to beauty and in doing so to empower men to protect and cherish us as the keepers of life. Men are so powerful their job is so very important yet far to many of them have forgotten their importance; to secure and keep safe the mothers, daughters and future generations of our world. With out them being men will may never feel safe enough to truly love one another.

I am crying out because this restoration to life begins with you.  Now is the time.

I am calling you survivors – fighters who have seen the depths of hell alive in our world and experienced the abuse of power and witnessed the devastation of mistrust – for these experiences as horrible as they are gives you the power to choose compassion with understanding. You have the will and the strength to stand for change to empower and inspire others.

Will you stand with me and stand for each other to make a change in the consciousness of our world.

title soul fitnessYou are strong and desire to see men be men who love their greatest gift their key to life – their women.  You want to see and trust them to be hero’s, protectors and providers. And you desire women to be women again comfortable and safe in our beauty as we give birth to new life and hope to the each other – together we are here to change the world.

This is me calling YOU – this is my journey and it is TIME for all women who are on this journey with me to join together, we are enough, but we no longer have to do it alone or by ourselves, we have each-other. It is time to come together and together LOVE this world back to unity. Are you with me?

Share this if you believe in the feminine – in protecting human-rights and in the redemption of those who have been slain by this world. Share this call – join in the fight and be the love that conquers all. https://www.divinein9.com

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