About 2 years ago my very life was about to break open and although my mind dealt with the stress of almost losing my husband and family as I knew it, my body went into shock.

At the time I was lean and although my lifestyle has not changed much, my body no matter what I did just seemed to gain more weight. Two years and many juice fasts, challenging workout and frustrations later; I have found myself at a loss to release the extra 8 lbs I gained almost immediately during the stressor as well as the other 10 my body has managed to create in the mean time.  I was feeling like a total failure unable to control my own weight, even while being fit and honestly feeling pretty pretty considering my weight gain.

About two months ago I began to pray – fearsly.  “Lord, give me an answer, and help me see beyond my own understanding. I give up control.”

Almost immediately I met Catherine and she began helping me – sharing a lot of the information she will be sharing with you on her tele-seminar.  I also was invite to take a full endocrine blood panel with my local naturopathic doctor and both confirmed what in many ways I already knew. 

First, my body no matter how little or how well I ate was storing sugar as fat for my own survival. 

Second, my body learned how to coop with stress this way when I was very young.

Third, working out and eating “right” was not going to change my bodies mind, for all it knows is that it is helping me stay and fight (stuck in the fight or flight pattern) When you are stuck in fight mood you gain and get big to fight and when you are stuck in flight mood you burn everything you eat – both extremes can cause illness. 

In the past few weeks I have discovered how loving my body is being and how at a very young age I made a commitment to myself that I would stay and fight.  Catherine has helped me with her wonderful technique which you will learn about on next week’s webinar/tele-call how to release this physical belief programming within my very cells, while my doctor is helping me create this balance with herbs and natural foods.  (Sign up here for the details)

I have also put my own nutritional and fitness knowledge to use and am loving my body with extra yoga and starting today – daily 15-25 minutes HIIT workouts instead of long and hard cardio and weights to help my body get out of fight mood and jump into burn mood.  (If you want to join me – jump in the Divine in 9 – fitness group here it’s free)

If my story sounds anything like what you have or are experiencing sign up for Catherine’s call today.  She is going to share so very much and it is all golden.   Register here.
Love you,

PS.  Are you married?  Join us on FB and raise the love in your family this month – we are praying through The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartain  (Our secret FB group is HERE – join today and lets encourage each-other in prayer) 

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