You are ready to put your past behind you and design your life on your own terms?  This course will reconnect you to your 6 personal power zone's and give your the tools to reclaim your power and your destiny with ease.

Home Study Program9 weeks - of love

It's such an honor to have here.

My name is Antiqua. Over the past eight years this course has developed into the most transformational, peace-building, confidence-boosting and life-giving experience my clients have ever been through.

Divine in 9 is a gentle reminder of how amazing you are inside and out.  Divine in 9 was born to help women reclaim their power, their beauty and their grace in every aspect of their lives.

In 9 weeks you will gain the habits and tools that will support you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, to be the mother, wife, visionary and change agent you desire to be.

This program is the foundation of success for all women (and brilliant men) who don’t want to settle in any area of their lives.


Please allow me to share a piece of my heart.

This course came from years of struggle as I learned how to drop the old stories and baggage of my past and reclaim my own power. As a child, I walked through abuse, and it left me empty and feeling worthless. The outside world defined me as did what I had survived.  This lead me to being what could have been an endless search for my own validation. Luckily, the age of 21 cancer gave me a choice, I could literally die or learn how to live.

Ten years ago as I was teaching my yoga and my students began sharing their stories with me.  They told me how they felt trapped and how yoga was helping them put the pieces of their life together, but they hungered for more.

This is where I discovered the 6 power area's of an individual's life and how radically our lives transform when we define and manage these 6 area's for ourselves.


This is for you if:

This program is designed to help you put the pieces of your life back into one beautiful piece.

After 20 years of working in the wellness industry doing everything from hair, fitness, yoga, nutrition and trauma therapy and coaching I saw a trend when the 6 power zones are balanced for a woman.  

Your life is secure you are healthy, happy and expressing your genius unapologetic.

We are going to focus on what IS working and through this course you will find the genius and gifts within you, and drop the need to fix yourself once and for all.  YOU ARE NOT BROKEN!

The 100's of women (and some awesome men) that have gone through this course in the past 5 years have gained confidence and deepened their own self-acceptance.  This has translated into better jobs, more meaningful relationships, health breakthroughs, saved marriages, bold decisions and dreams come true.

It is my intention that with the Divine in 9 program your life is forever changed as you tap into your authentic self, fall in love with your body and define yourself once and for all.

Home Study Program9 weeks - at home
On SALE to kick off 2016 from $497.00 to:
2 pay option
    2 Pay Option

    I reshaped my body. I lost an overall 11-1/4 inches on my body, nearly a pound a week, and changed my body fat content drastically (still waiting for those figures :). I gained core strength that I haven't known in years. I committed to my goal and learned how to incorporate it into my daily life. I learned valuable tools for handling challenges in my life. I learned that I have great willpower and am successful in completing excellent courses. I learned to speak my truth with more confidence, too.

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    I was hiding from my story and it was eating me up. Telling your story matters. Antiqua helped me see that too and to stop hiding and to take my power back, in spite of the story. Telling my story matters and keeping it locked away was poisoning me.

    The truth does set you free.


    What to expect in this program ...

    • Week 1 - Reclaim your body as your own.
    • Explore your unique body with yoga
    • Reclaim your body's wisdom
    • Take back your power and love the skin you're in

    • Week 2 - LOVE the skin you're in.
    • Gain flexibility and strength
    • Get your sexy on ... nothing is more beautiful than confidence
    • Start releasing years of baggage ... (in all forms)

    • Week 3 - Taming the mind and manifesting peace
    • What if ... how to wonder your way to freedom
    • Strength training begins between your temples
    • Allowing life to flow ... the art of thriving

    • Week 4 - Your greatest relationship
    • You are what you think ... learn to think like a queen
    • The ultimate workout to save you time and money
    • Increasing your worth ... to have more abundance, love and success

    • Week 5 - Your magic power - cultivating passion
    • Dance your way to freedom
    • The art of trusting again ... yourself and others
    • Tools to raise your vibration and attract a new story into your life

    • Week 6 - Turn on your magnetic feminine superpower.
    • You are beautiful energy - how to master your unique presents
    • How to feel again ... or maybe for the first time - the art of femininity
    • Clearing your chakras and unlocking your beautiful future from your past

    • Week 7 - This is your life - making the dreams happen.
    • Discovering your purpose hiding in plane sight
    • The magical morning and evening routine
    • The art of manifestation and allowing your desires to come true.

    • Week 8 - Confidence-building on a whole new level.
    • Designing your path to a new life
    • The most important questions to ask yourself ...
    • The "Whose life is this anyway?" practice ...

    • Week 9 - Plan and live powerfully, worthy and rockin'
    • This is only the beginning - discover how to keep this rebirthing going
    • Mastering the art of being you
    • Super Sister powers and how we can use them.

    Home Study Program9 weeks - at home
    On SALE to kick off 2016 from $497.00 to:

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    2 pay option
      2 Pay Option
      • 9 weeks of videos, mp3's and an extensive workbook
      • Access to the Divine in 9 private Facebook Group
      • Instant access to a very special success week module to get you started with style

      Bonuses for this package.

      • Access to the Radical Forgivness - Freedom Formula: A 5-week video series ($47 value)
      • The Nourish You course: to nourish your body and bring energy back to your life ($297 value)
      • ONE 30-minute private breakthrough session with Antiqua during the course
      Start Here9 weeks - at home

      I started Divine in 9 to regain my confidence.  I gained so much more including physical, emotional, psychological, and most importantly, SPIRITUAL strength. I learned yoga poses that strengthened my body. I also studied and practiced techniques that have brought me peace. These techniques will carry me through difficult life stages now and in the future.


      A message from former students.

      Still wondering if Divine in 9 is for you?

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      Everything You Receive in this Course ...


      • Bonus workbook "success week" to set you up for success
      • The Divine in 9 practice workbook.
      • The 5-week radical forgiveness course.
      • 33 short how-to videos for proper alignment, mindset and success
      • 1 downloadable go anywhere, 90-minute Flame Yoga Mp3
      • 1 downloadable go-anywhere, 90-minute Breeze Yoga Mp3
      • 3 break-out and have fun Wave videos
      • 6 restorative and energizing Bamboo yoga classes designed to bring you clarity and peace
      • Chakra balancing meditations for morning and evening
      • Positive belief  MP3 and yoga miracle sequence
      • Life Design plan to keep living Divine in 9 beyond
      • 10 chapters of the Divinely YOU workbook to create, live and enjoy your soul purpose



      Bonuses and Extras for Registering Today!

      • 10 weekly workbook lessons to nourish your mood and eat for your ultimate health
      • 5 meditation and transformation video lessons to add to your library from the Joy Club's Freedom Formula
      • Divine in 9 lifetime community membership and support


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