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This series is for YOU - to feel great in your skin, easily shed extra weight, bust through stress and have a community of sisters to do it with.

You will discover your 6 personal power zones.

Nourish YOU science to make eating for YOUR specific body a breeze.

Yoga that tones, strengthens and calms your body so you feel great.

Daily LOVE YOU Letters (from the YOU Matter club) with fun habits that create balance ease and self confidence.

A powerful 10 minute practice to infuse your personal beauty into your life.

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  • The Guide to NO STRESS eating for a lifetime of healthy
  • The secret power of your cycle and how to capitalize on it
  • 4 Group coaching calls
  • 1 private body mapping call with Antiqua
  • The Nourish YOU food discovery workbook
  • The Flame yoga series, mp3, posture and benefits
  • Mindset and Emotional harmony body tools for ease and peace.
  • Email support
  • Facebook group

Lead by Antiqua Lisha CEO of Your Own University in order  to take your message to the world.

With  premier-experts-smlogo  Antiqua Lisha

What to expect during our time together:

Elijana Isacs

You are looking for empowerment, encouragement and the way forward–Antiqua is your answer. You are looking for fun, stellar coaching and an absolutely refreshing approach–Antiqua has it all. Sessions with Antiqua are not work. They are the outcome–producing honest and authentic results-focused interactions. Working with Antiqua has given me clear direction and helped me find answers to the questions I had inside of me. Antiqua boosted my confidence and provided solid, actionable steps. Antiqua is absolutely fantastic. Due to her diverse background and experience, she is the person to have by your side if you feel stuck with your overflowing ideas, if you feel that what you have to offer in this world is not valuable, and if you are just plain looking for a holistic, refreshing, honest and experienced coach. I am Elijana Isacs, and I am blessed to have found Antiqua. Thank you, Antiqua, for who you are, and may your light continue to shine and enrich many more lives! Love you, E

Elijana Isacs VI-Design

What it is like to work with Antiqua personally by Catherine McManon -  from