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For women who empower other women by being empowered themselves.

Design and put your road map to success into action so you can make a bigger impact, be seen and take center stage in your life.

NOT your cookie cutter... This program is YOUR personalized ticket to take your message to the world.

With  premier-experts-smlogo  Antiqua Lisha


This group program is for YOU.  You are ready to up-level your business, step into your calling and shine like the super star you know you are born to be.

As you move through these 6 month group program.  Antiqua will walk you through her signature process to turn your life’s lessons into your biggest asset and map out an all-inclusive marketing utilizing the FULL support of the Your Own University platform. To get your plan to get your business seen and your message heard.


  • You feel that ache inside you – calling you to MORE? This program will help you get out of your own way.
  • You dream of being on Oprah or being LIKE Oprah? This program will help you discover how to take leaps toward this goal.
  • Are you sick and tired of TRYING to make your dreams come true, all by yourself? This program will show you how to receive and step into your purpose with ease.
  • Have you felt like you are wandering around and going nowhere? This program is your roadmap to freedom.
  • Have you said to yourself?  "I'm so busy. I need more time to get it all done." If so this program will give you the secrets so you can stop spinning your wheels, get more accomplished and experience peace.

Antiqua and Your Own University will help you step into the spotlight and see your own name in lights.

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Reserve Your Spot and become the STAR you were born to be ... YOU KNOW IT!!

$297.00 a month - 1 power packed module and step by step guide, 2 LIVE coaching calls each month.

You are in the RIGHT PLACE!

Elijana Isacs

You are looking for empowerment, encouragement and the way forward–Antiqua is your answer. You are looking for fun, stellar coaching and an absolutely refreshing approach–Antiqua has it all. Sessions with Antiqua are not work. They are the outcome–producing honest and authentic results-focused interactions. Working with Antiqua has given me clear direction and helped me find answers to the questions I had inside of me. Antiqua boosted my confidence and provided solid, actionable steps. Antiqua is absolutely fantastic. Due to her diverse background and experience, she is the person to have by your side if you feel stuck with your overflowing ideas, if you feel that what you have to offer in this world is not valuable, and if you are just plain looking for a holistic, refreshing, honest and experienced coach. I am Elijana Isacs, and I am blessed to have found Antiqua. Thank you, Antiqua, for who you are, and may your light continue to shine and enrich many more lives! Love you, E

Elijana Isacs VI-Design

Over the NEXT 6 months - You will receive one module and have 2 live coaching and Q and A calls with Antiqua.  With ease you will accomplish...

Month 1 - Module 1

Cultivate Your Vision (turn your story into your glory)

In this 2-hour Group call coaching call you will unlock your super star powers.  You are here to make a lasting impact, to shine your light and to leave a legacy.  

The questions and exploration led by Antiqua will unlock your deepest desires, which we will use over the course of the next 6 modules to formulate a plan of action that will take you from where you are to where you desire to be.

During this expanding, passion-filled call, she will lead you through an intuitive and heart-centered process to tap into your heart's calling and create a concrete vision for yourself and your business. Set aside 2 hours of time and allow this magic to take root.

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”

Gloria Steinem

This is the most transformative process that will leave you with a clear vision to empower humanity while simultaneously creating a rock solid foundation for your business. Get ready to map out your destiny. 

One 2 hour group intensive + 60 minutes Q and A this month.

The first 5 rising stars registered - will get a FREE 2 hour intensive ($497 value) private session with Antiqua.

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What it is like to work with Antiqua personally by Catherine McManon -  from

Module 2

Navigating Your Mission

Now that you can feel, touch and taste your legacy, it is time to plan your course of action.  In this 60-minute call, Antiqua will lead you into a creative conversation that will help you uncover exactly what you have, what you need and how to get it.

There are many roads to your final destination, but only one of these roads will feel light, enjoyable and fun for you. During this call, Antiqua will explain the many different ways to shine your light and build credibility in your field of expertise.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

One 1 hour group intensive + 60 minutes Q and A this month.

Module 3

An empire is built from the ground up (laying your foundation)

Once you know where you are going and the best path for you to take, it is time to build a rock solid foundation under you.

This week we will cover the basic needs for your business success and Antiqua will give you a back-office look into how she automates her business to meet her needs.

SETTING UP YOUR BUSINESS STRUCTURE - We will set you up right with HOW TO:

  • Schedule like a pro
  • Build a support team
  • Tap into your marketing genius - which we will build on next week
  • Identify when it is the right time to add team members to your biz and decide who first
  • Set up your payment gateway
  • Create auto-responders and membership areas
  • Team up with YOU partners to get your website/branding/colors just right

One 1 hour group coaching + 60 minutes Q and A this month.

Module 4

Luci McMonagle

Antiqua has been a life- and business-changing inspiration to me. She was able to pull a large-purpose vision out of me and gave me concrete steps to follow to move towards fulfilling this vision without overwhelm. I now have a plan, a mission and a voice to bring my message, expertise and abilities to the marketplace to be of service to others.

Luci McMonagle Learn About Money LLC

image from Pintrest

Your rockin' programs and products

Your business foundation is built, your system’s in place. Now it is time to create your own rock star program, workshop and products. 

No one does this in exactly the same way. In this 2-hour session Antiqua will ask you a series of powerful questions that will help you discover exactly what your niche will get in line to buy. 

In this session we will:

  • Uncover your super fan and the best way for you to reach out and turn them into clients/customers. 
  • Design your program/workshop
  • Map out a solid action plan to start making money
  • Find hidden ways to use Your Own University to help you cultivate capital and build your biz

One 1 hour group coaching + 60 minutes Q and A this month.

Module 5

Creative ways to create - fame and notoriety

YOUR PR plan!

During a coaching call with one of my coaches Gina Devee she once said something to the tune of, "Most people can do one or the other unless they have been around for a long time or have a great PR promoting them all the time."

This is exactly why Your Own University was created. To step in as an acting PR and a place where you can host your workshops, form partnerships, sell your larger programs and find clients all in one place.

I (Antiqua) spent years coaching, hosting her radio show, meeting with other entrepreneurs (like yourself), writing books, speaking on summits and getting to be recognized on TV. All of this "PR building" left little time for her to focus on working with clients, until she discovered the secrets and techniques she will share with you during this one-on-one call.

Get your pen and paper ready because there is going to be a goldmine of ideas and opportunities coming your way, which will show you how it is possible to make a name for yourself and be the "go-to" person in your field--while making ROCK STAR money!

One 1 hour group coaching + 60 minutes Q and A this month.

Module 6

Keeping Your Dream Alive

You now have your clear vision, your foundation laid, your program and your plan of action ...

This module is all about Joint Ventures, Affiliates and Partnerships!

There is one huge piece standing between you and your dreams, which Antiqua will shine a light on in this call. Antiqua will then give you a toolbox full of insights to keep you on the road to ultimate success. On this call, you will:

  • Never be a business lone-ranger again.
  • Maximize your profits and impact together.
  • The power of a mastermind community.
  • Choose the best course of action to grow your biz and life by quantum leaps year after year
  • Create a plan to maintain your most valuable asset--YOU!

This one call will help you enjoy your life and your biz for many years to come and will allow you to confidently step forward into the spotlight of your life.

One 1 hour group coaching + 60 minutes Q and A this month.

Join the group - we have an easy pay plan - 6 easy payments of $297

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From Antiqua's heart to yours:

I love witnessing women step into their dreams. Many of my clients became coaches because they survived, overcame and now desire to help other women to do the same. Their unique genius has been calling to them. They desire to be on stage, host shows, write books and travel the world, but don't know where to start.    

  • Have you been struggling in business for a few years, with a win here and a win there, just enough to keep you going?
  • You know your life has meaning, your message is important, but I bet you're tired of doing it on your own, working with one person at a time.
  • You're ready to start making programs and hosting online events and would love a community that gets your brilliance and has your back.
  • My clients hire me because I take the time to see their vision and then walk them through the process of making their dream become a movement.

We will put together an impact plan that fits your unique personality and helps you shine and stand out from the crowd.

I will share with you all the ways I have been featured on TV and radio, written bestselling books and been asked to write and speak in different magazines and on various stages.

Then, to top it all off, you will get an opportunity to work as a leader on our team here at Your Own University and start building your own stage--speaking alongside us, hosting your own shows and even getting on the big stage, if that is your dream.

All of this is mapped out by your personal big vision dream, which we will unlock in Week 1. 

Signing up for the Rising Star program is the personal support you need. I won't push a how-to program at you, but I WILL help you discover your own roadmap and then put that into action using the resources right here at Your Own University: the community, leading workshops, promotions, online TV and radio.

You will get everything you need here to feel great hosting events and getting yourself published or taking your dynamic movement into the media world.

YOU are here to move mountains and make the world a better place.

If YOU ARE SAYING YES! then you are in the right place. The women of the world are waiting for you. 

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