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From Lisha's heart to yours:

I remember the first time I invested in myself beyond college courses or certification classes.  It was one of the biggest leaps I had ever taken.

The world had told me it was ok to invest in cars, houses, even nice clothes but not in my attitude or happiness.

My parents taught me that education was valuable and made a person more valuable so I invested in college and courses, training's and certification.

My childhood drama taught me it was ok to invest in counseling or doctors if I was overly sad, hurt or in any sort of pain.

However, no one ever gave me the OK to invest in my HAPPINESS, to invest in discovering the GOOD IN ME, to invest in self-care and self-mastery.  I was somehow just supposed to know how to tap into all this good, move beyond all the old programming and see beyond my own flippin' story all by myself.

No amount of education or visits to the pro's got me closer to simply being happy with myself.  Until I choose to invest in my first personal development coach.  She changed my life and taught me how whole I already was and am.

She helped me see around corners, clearing cobwebs and redesigning my vision of who I am. She helped me to find all the beautiful places I had forgotten about.

Today, that is what I do for my clients. Some of my clients have been raised in horrible situations, others grew up in healthy homes, but all of them have misplaced power in things, in solutions and status and were none the happier for it.

Today, is your day to take my hand and rediscover just how wonderful you are. Reclaim your time, your power and your very life. This is your life to live and all you need is within - God's gift to our world - YOU!

Lisha Antiqua