Hello, Super Star are you ready to use your gifts, experience and life to empower people around the world?

This exclusive training is all about the business of YOU stepping into your genius and gaining tools to help others do the same with as a Divine in 9 coach and Y.O.U. leader.

Learn more about the foundation and Phase 1 of this year long program.

This year-long training is for you if you desire to:

  • Design a career helping women live powerfully.
  • Teach the Divine in 9 system (with your own Twist) online and in person.
  • Be supported by a whole community as you continue to step into your own message
  • Beyond Divine in 9 - this year be supported as you become an author.
  • OR - Learn how to host your own Radio Show.
  • OR - Start creating your own BRAND and host a TV show, create your own programs
  • Be part of a powerful sisterhood of women saying YES to their genius.
  • You have a calling to end suffering, victimhood and survival and empower women.
  • You ARE TIRED of wondering HOW and want to make money serving who you love.
  • You desire to make a BIG difference in the world and are tired of trying to do it all alone.
  • You are done waiting for things to happen and you're ready to stand up and shout," HERE I AM!!"
  • You're full of love and compassion and want to share your gifts with the world.
  • You want to build a holistic business, incorporating yoga, nutrition, transformation to help heal the whole person.
  • You've been doing it all alone and are ready to jump in the game and be a team player.

HOW do you make a living, doing what you love?

Phase 1 - Your first 90 days is all about you experiencing and integrating through the Divine in 9 program for yourself.  The program itself

Phase 2 - Mastering the art of supporting your clients fall in love with their bodies, and retraining their minds.  To bring peace to your clients on a whole new level.

Phase 3 - Mastering the art of transforming suffering and surviving into empowerment and thriving.  During this phase you will master the science of meditation, using the transformation tools used throughout Divine in 9 and more to serve your new clients.

Phase 4 - Mastering the art of business, developing your own style, reaching your ideal clients, a bit of branding, marketing and website.  We will also be covering getting your book started and published, developing your signature speech and getting booked and getting promoted as a Y.O.U. lead coach.

Be a Y.O.U. coach and share your own Twist and the Divine in 9 program world-wide.

  • Support - Of the other Super Star's (including Antiqua) supporting one another
  • Structure - 12 months of personal coaching with Antiqua walking your dreams into reality.
  • Clarity - Personal empowerment in all area's of your life, branding and business clarity and your own mission statement.
  • Community - A community to build your own brand with.
  • Voice - Your very own radio show or TV program and more ...
  • Visibility - As you create your own business Branding, Programs, Speaking, and Writing platforms
  • Marketing - Have your ads seen and heard on Your Own University Radio and our sites.
  • Partnership - All the benefits of being a Y.O.U. partner.
  • Credibility - As a 500 hour RYT, Divine in 9 coach and Y.O.U. leader.

This process begins with a consultation with Antiqua. Schedule your next step now!

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He-ya Super Star,

I am so excited to get to know you, your vision and to keep your fire burning bright.

I will never forget the first time I took this leap and invested $10,000 with my first mastermind group--the experience changed my life and left me wanting more. So I joined my next group and went through more training. Each time I did, I left the group with a ton of marketing and business and program information, a few close friends and an ache in my belly for more.

More support, more feedback, more personal attention. You see, I really wanted someone to help me figure out exactly what my gift to the world was, because honestly I have a lot of "pain points" that I have overcome and can teach from. It was a bit overwhelming and I felt alone, unseen and frustrated. Yet, piece by piece and year after year I learned how to uncover THE story that I am healing, the gift that I offer effortlessly. From that place, I have had the opportunity to write books, speak on TV, host a radio show and be a guest on many shows, summits and more. I also have led a successful 9-week transformational course, "Divine in 9" and supported many amazing clients. And I am going to share how and GIVE you opportunities TO do what I did for this very special group of geniuses here at Y.O.U.

If you want more and you can relate to having so much to offer that sometimes you don't know where to start, START here.

This mastermind truly is like no other. You will get the business wisdom, marketing tools, insider secrets like most other masterminds, but additionally, what you will get here is support like no other.

This small sisterhood of born leaders with a calling to empower women through a holistic approach to well-being. You will get individual attention while building a strong community together as well as with the larger Your Own University. You will have the opportunity to teach and earn an income right here at Your Own University (no other mastermind does that). You will be seen as the "go-to" expert in your niche and I (Antiqua) will be behind you and your vision 100%. You will get the opportunity to become an author, speaker and host here within Your Own University (again no other mastermind gets behind their clients like that). You will also get to step into your dreams in other ways (only to be revealed to my inner circle).

If this lights you up, makes you smile and you feel a little scared ... then that is your body saying, "Go for it!" Start by filling out the application below.



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