Amazing Relationships!

Soulmate relationships begin with yourself!


You are special (and so are they.)

The love of your life, the job of your dreams, and the best sex of your life await!

The most important things is life are not things at all but relationships.

They are dynamic, amazing, painful and the most enriching part of our lives.

How would you LOVE to attract your soulmate? Have epic sex, passion and begin manifesting your hearts desires?

This program is for you!

Relationships are far more than they seem - we are in relationship with everything, everyone and most importantly ourselves. This program helps you end negative cycles and begin forming the amazing relationships your heart desires and you deserve.


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This is for you if:

This course was designed for you - your relationships have been less than you desire.

Now you are ready to take a good look at the one person in all your relationships, you.

You have stayed up wishing you could wave a magic wand and your prince would appear, your dream job would show up and you'd have all the nice things you have always dreamed about. And you are done wishing and ready to begin consciously attracting what you desire into your life.

In this course, you will be joining a group of sisters, who are powerful, intelligent, successful. Like you, they are mothers, business women, done putting themselves last and settling and ready to DECIDE what they want, and who they want to be in relationship to LIFE.

If this sounds like a plan to you. Let's get started the moment you join the group you will begin to get your online material and log in - then you will set up our call with Antiqua privately and be invited to the 6 Amazing Relationship video modules and 3 live calls where you can get even more personal support.

What to expect:


  • Proven techniques to end people pleasing and feel great about it
  • Beautiful Boundaries.
  • A complete Bamboo Yoga and meditations KNOW you.
  • Role with your roles
  • The parent trap and practices to reclaim your beliefs and manifest your dreams
  • Get the man and make your money
  • Multiple orgasms, pleasure and the good life
  • Manifesting things you love
  • Marriage and the beginning to soulmate love (you may attract your soulmate)
  • and more...
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What to expect in this program ...

I had never had an orgasm. I am 46 years old and have been married for 18 years and I had never had an orgasm.  Not a real mind blowing one anyway. As I went through this course with Antiqua I began to heal my inner child and open to my innocence. I loved my husband before but now wow - we are on fire.  Thanks for helping me, fall in love with myself the whole family is happier. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to have more fun and deeper connections single or married.

Cheryl K.
  • "The saying what you get it what you see use to upset me, now it free's me to be me."
  • "I didn't feel appreciated at work, I began doing the appreciation work for myself and magically my boss began to finally notice my hard work."
  • "I set boundaries, choose my truth and let go, then my soulmate showed up - thanks Antiqua."
  • YOU WILL -
  • Define who you desire to be in relationship and be her.
  • Find the pleasure in your life, feel deeper and turn on your creative energy for more bliss.
  • Heal... heal... heal... without digging (too much)
  • Amazing Relationships - soulmate love
  • 5 Group Calls ($697 value)
  • 1 private Call with Antiqua ($497 value)
  • Your Role with it and Sexual Freedom plan ($997 value)
  • The Bamboo Yoga - centering, peaceful, sentual series ($97 value package)
  • Continued support and social community (priceless)
$2138 value
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I had just gone through a pretty nasty divorce when I came across Antiqua and the Amazing YOU program. I didn't think I could afford it, but I was miserable. In three sessions I was feeling normal and confident again but session 8 was the shift.  She had me marry myself, ring and all.  It was fabulous.  Since then I have found a man that treats me as well (well better, but I am getting closer) than I treat myself and I know I deserve it.  He is fulfilled because I am happy. Thanks Antiqua.

Lisa Smedley

Start today! Amazing Body
$2138 value
TODAY! $497
OR 2 easy payments of $250

What you get -

  • Walked through all 6 layers of your relationship personal power zone
  • Powerful Group coaching
  • 1 personalized Private coaching call
  • Online accountability and support
  • Immediate access to online material
  • And Fast action bonus's when you qualify

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  • Access to the Radical Forgivness - Freedom Formula: A 5-week video series ($47 value)
  • ONE 30-minute private PRE course breakthrough session with Antiqua
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