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Love the Skin You're In

It's time to love all of you and reclaim your power and body!

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What to know more?  This is a replay of a Facebook LIVE event I did on trauma and the body. It is an hour long FYI.

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Hey you're in the right place.

I get it, you look in the mirror and wonder where you went. You feel trapped.

This often happens after a trauma, sometimes the physical tool shows up right away for instance if the trauma was a wreck or caused injury, other times after emotional trauma the physical symptoms show up over time seemingly out of no where.

In this course I will walk you through a system that works to bring you back home to your body, and give you relief and more control. Some of my clients have healed completely and others have found the peace and habits they need to live again.

The program is called LOVE the Skin your in. To help you redefine your relationship with your body, tap into it's wisdom, heal old wounds and end the cycle of frustration and pain many survivors live in.

This is for you if:

Your busy juggling life, but something has to give.

Your body seems to draw your attention: maybe you're feeling fat, or maybe you're in pain or dealing with an auto-immune disease.

You know you need some personal attention but don't have time to spend hours working out and cooking.

Now you are ready to rebuild your life, loving yourself and developing new skills and are totally cool taking this one step at a time.

You have stayed up wishing you could wave a magic wand and wake up whole again, feeling sexy and confident in your skin.

You are ready to take your power back and ready to take action.

In this course, you will be joining a group of sisters, who are powerful, intelligent, successful. Like you, they are mothers, business women, done putting themselves last.

If this sounds like a plan to you. Let's get started the moment you join the group you will begin to get your online material and log in - then you will set up our call with Antiqua privately and be invited to the 3 Love your Body live calls where you can get even more personal support as well as a whole course online that you will have access to during and after the LIVE calls.

What to expect:


  • Proven techniques to change your relationship with your body.
  • Trauma transformation tools
  • Body wisdom and how to tap into yours
  • Daily nutrition tips for a healthier you.
  • A complete Flame yoga 90 minute workout to KNOW your unique body.
  • Time management plans.
  • The complete 9 step Nourish You system for lasting results and support
  • And more....

A message from former students.

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What to expect in this program ...

I was hiding from my story and it was eating me up. Telling your story matters. Antiqua helped me see that too and to stop hiding and to take my power back, in spite of the story. Telling my story matters and keeping it locked away was poisoning me.

The truth does set you free.

$1338 value
  • "I came to learn yoga, I left knowing about me."
  • Physical pain vanishing "My hip pain went away when I finally felt it. So much wisdom, thank you."
  • "I am no longer living to impress someone else, I define my own beauty. FREEDOM"
  • YOU WILL -
  • Gain flexibility and strength
  • Get your sexy on ... nothing is more beautiful than confidence
  • Start releasing years of baggage ... (in all forms)
  • Love the skin you are in!
  • 6 powerful body blueprint videos ($697 value)
  • 1 private Call with Antiqua ($497 value)
  • Your Personalized nourishment plan ($997 value)
  • The Flame Yoga - fat melting, digestion firing, balancing series ($97 value package)
  • Nourish YOU workbook and 9 module series ($297 value)
  • Continued support and social community (priceless)

I reshaped my body. I lost an overall 11-1/4 inches on my body, nearly a pound a week, and changed my body fat content drastically (still waiting for those figures :). I gained core strength that I haven't known in years. I committed to my goal and learned how to incorporate it into my daily life. I learned valuable tools for handling challenges in my life. I learned that I have great willpower and am successful in completing excellent courses. I learned to speak my truth with more confidence, too.

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$1338 value
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What you get -

  • The Nourish You 9 week complete workbooks and program
  • Get to know your body yoga and workout secrets
  • Group coaching
  • 1 personalized Private coaching call - BONUS for registering TODAY!
  • Online accountability and support
  • Immediate access to online material
  • And Fast action bonus's when you qualify

I started working with Antiqua to regain my confidence.  I gained so much more including physical, emotional, psychological, and most importantly, SPIRITUAL strength. I learned yoga poses that strengthened my body. I also studied and practiced techniques that have brought me peace. These techniques will carry me through difficult life stages now and in the future.

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